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Welcome to Fikir guest house

Well come to fikir guest house,the finest and the most luxurious guest house in Addis. We are located at the heart of the city, which is 5 minutes, drive from Bole International Airport.

Our multilingual professional staffs are ready to give you complete assistance for your queries regarding your visit and stay here in Addis Ababa.

We have well organized big loby with complet sofa,satelite TV with dish,daining table, free and fast WI FI we have big and well organized kitchen with kitchine cabinet,refigerator,microwave oven ,gas sylinder and stove and many more.

We offer three types of rooms (suite room ,twin bed room and standard rooms) with satellite TV,coffee table,cupboard,drawer,internet access,coat hanger,modern shower,shower box,bed side lamp,dresser with mirror in every room and many more.

1st floor We have 2 single room, 1 standard room and 1 twins bed room with well organized kitchen, refregerator,kitchen cabinet,microwave oven,stove, sylinder with gas. Daining room with table, chair and sofa and satalite TV with dish ,free and fast WI FI,cupboard,drawer,coat hanger,modern shower,bed side lamp and more and more.

2nd floor We have 3 standard room with inside shower with shower box,cupboard,bed side lamp, coat hanger, big loby with sofa, daining table,satalite TV with dish ,free and fast WI FI,garden for refreshment and enjoyment, beranda, inside kitchen with full and big kitchen cabinet,refregerator,microwave oven,gas sylinder and Daining room with big daining table and chair and more and more.

3rd floor We have 1 suite room wich has inside jacuzy with built in TV and Radio,shower box,dresing room with miror, inside toilet, bed side lamp,cupboard, coat hunger,adjustable deam light, and 1 twins room bed with inside shower with shower box, cupboard,coat hunger,dresing with miror 2 standard room wich has cupboard, bed side lamp, satalite TV free and fast WI FI,coffee table, shower box, and more and more.

4th floor we have 1 standard room which has well organized showerand kitchen with all necesserly materials, which has panaromic view of the city for enjoyment,refreshment with the veiw of Addis Ababa.

Room price

Suite room$89
Twins bed room   $69
Standard room   $59
Single room$25

Stay from 1-3 mouths will get a 20% discount

Stay from more than 3 mouth will get a 30% discount

Service included